Resolutions 2019

It’s the third week of January and we are just starting to feel the energy of what 2019 holds. It’s the year of the Pig in Chinese Astrology, which indicates a year of fortune and luck (brilliant news!). In our experience though, to create what you want in life it is normally the result of our own efforts that make shifts in our lives and those around us.

We spoke with some of our favourite people and asked them what kind of resolutions they were planning on acting on in 2019:


Clare Press – Vogue’s Sustainability Editor-at-Large

2019 is the year I focus on making fashion circular! How can we close the loop, regenerate precious materials, keep clothes in use for longer and fight fashion waste? I’m all about collaboration in this space.


Marieke Eyskoot – Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Expert – Author of This is a Good Guide – For a Sustainable Life


Support Free the Girls ( / who help girls rescued from sex trafficking live a life of true freedom. I will donate my unwanted bras to raise funds, and you can too (as well as lots of other things).

Talk lots about the pay gap (instead of the thigh gap).

Start volunteer work in one of these areas: loneliness relief, putting white privilege on the map (even more), legal work surrounding women’s equality and rights.

Work as hard as I can to stimulate freedom for everyone, irrespective of gender (or lack of such definition), colour, sexual orientation, body shape, age, etc. Raise awareness of and resist oppression through media, advertisements or any other way, based on how you should look or who you should be.

And to get closer to a world in which we can no longer purchase products that are made through exploitation. Only ethically produced clothes, accessories, food, gadgets should be able to enter our markets. Isn’t it odd that we are able to profit from commodities that are made elsewhere in a way that we would find unacceptable for ourselves?

Keep trying to kickstart the invention of chocolate that is actually and truly good for you.

Sing more.


Tim Silverwood – Environmentalist, CEO Take 3 For The Sea

Take environmental campaigns up a notch.

There’s genuine momentum around environmental issues globally, particularly in communities like Australia and the UK. It’s time to turn awareness into action and push harder for political & corporate reform to protect our planet. In particular, I want to help drive more radical action on climate change and plastic pollution.”


Harriet Spark – Environmentalist, Grumpy Turtle Design

I am going to switch to a plant-based diet. Reducing our consumption of animal products is one of the biggest ways we can individually tackle the climate crisis.


Erica Watson – Co-Founder, Green and Simple


This year our focus is on nature; taking the opportunity to go camping, the beach, walks, the park every chance we get. Continuing to educate our children about their surroundings, where their food came from and trying to grow more veggies and herbs at home to assist our goal of adding more plant-based food into all our diets.


Ayla Wilton – Account Manager


Spend more time in nature

Further educate myself on social and environmental issues

Continue to grow my herb and vegetable garden

Buy second-hand where ever possible and only support ethical brands when purchasing new


Natalie Shehata – Founder, Editor & Eco Stylist – tommie Magazine


Live more freely without inhibition + self-consciousness by practising presence

Through tommie continue to shine a light, share the stories + provide a platform for Women who are minorities and not traditionally; embraced, celebrated, accepted or represented in traditional media

Continue to create safe + inclusive spaces for Women with our tommie community gatherings to discuss and challenge our ideas on sustainable fashion + living, Womanhood, creativity, consciousness and representation + visibility.

Spend more time in nature + away from screens

Practise mindfulness + the art and ritual of self-care

Educate and inspire others on how powerful clothes are in telling stories of self-expression, identity, play and purpose

Continue to disrupt and challenge – through my own personal style and the tommie shop – the stigma of second-hand style, by wearing vintage + thrifted pieces!


We’d love to hear what your resolutions are, feel free to comment below!

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