Five Tips For a Sustainable Winter Wardrobe by Aleysha Campbell

We asked our friend, supporter and Founder of The Sustainable Wardrobe what her tips for a sustainable wardrobe looks like.

Get ready to take some mental notes.

You can be stylish with very few pieces! Trust me, I’m a Stylist!

  1. Invest in a quality, timeless winter coat.

    This will be the best thing you do for your wardrobe! A timeless winter coat, instantly renews your jeans + knits. Dress up or dress down, there are no barriers. I purchased a tan winter coat 2 years back, and have worn it over 100 times, and that’s the only coat I have needed.

  2. Base layers

    Find a staple, long sleeved tee to keep those vital organs warm. Vege Threads has beautiful 100% merino pieces!

  3. Vintage wool & scarves

    Head to your local market or Op Shop, you won’t be short for choices

  4. CARE for your Knitwear

    Wool is great at keeping you warm, but its not so great at surviving a ride through your washing machine. Shrinkage ring any bells? Here’s a tip I learnt from Stella McCartney’s wisdom: wool has self cleaning properties. Leave your woollens outside to air, and they will be as good as new.

  5. Loved clothes last

    Do you know where your clothes were made? If the answer is no, I encourage you to find out, and then make your decision. Fast fashion is polluting our earth, water ways, air and minds.

Choose to purchase purposefully, and do good for the planet!

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