I have lots of things in my wardrobe! But I think my love story in my wardrobe would be the fact that I have learnt to only buy quality pieces now. When I was younger I used to be a little bit frivolous and purchase whatever I could afford or things that I didn’t really need. Now that I’ve got older and wiser I think that I make really quality decisions and really want to understand where my clothes come from and things that I am only going to wear. So for me, its definitely a love story with how much I have learnt and what’s actually in there now.

Question: What’s one tip you live by to extend the life of your clothes?

Learn how to sew! Go back old school and teach yourself a new trade. I’ve mended so many different things or patches them up so many cool little funky patches because they are good and even if they have a little tear in them, I can still wear them. I like to keep a hold of the things that I really enjoy wearing and if I can fix them my selfI am a little part of my clothing and that it is nice to know that I am wearing something that I helped create.

Question: What’s your rule when buying clothes for yourself?

I try to understand where it has come from.  I used to buy thing that I didn’t really think about or care about and know there is so much education out there to help us understand where things have come from and who has made our clothes. I think it is important to really put your heart and soul to what you purchase -really understanding where it came from, who made it and how it was made , its environmental impact. To me they are all really important things that we should be considering instead of just how cheap it is. For me, the rule that I really stand by when I purchase things is looking at its footprint, where it has come from and where it will go in the future.