For me, my wardrobe tells me about my travels which connects me to the people and connects me to a real time line of my life. So I tend to think of each and every detail as holding something specific. There is, for example, some really special shirts that I got when I was up in Arneham land. I like to wear those because it is a really subtle way of carrying that history and those people and the whole culture of that experience with me but broadcasts it in a subtle way.

Question: What’s one tip you live by to extend the life of your clothes?

As a clothing manager my track record is probably fairly ordinary. I recently had a nice white shirt and I was given a nice print fabric which I didn’t pre-wash. So the white shirt is now this wonderful tone of green! Which someone complimented me on! So, my trick would be if the shirt is new and generally white or brightly [coloured, I’ll just soak it in some water on its own. I’ve had too many disasters to speak of here – my trick would be that!

Someone else told me, and I don’t know if this is crossing the line, but they hang their shirts inside out on the line. So if they are on the line for multiple days – which sometimes mine are –  the sun doesn’t hammer them too much.

Question: What’s your rule when buying clothes for yourself?

For a long time I never really bought many clothes because I receive a lot – people give me hand me downs. There was a stage that even my god-kids give me their clothes – but now they are too big, so I can’t use those anymore!

I never used to buy that much, and then in my travels I get given lots of t-shirts and lots of clothes from events, from places and from groups, from this community garden or from this farm, from this function or this festival. I love that because it is really fixed in space and time and I only need to wear it to wear the memories. I don’t think we have much more than memories – the physical things are more of a cue to what sits in the heart.